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Andy Yoder, Dave Waver, Urie Hershberger, Denny Hofstetter, Rick Tullar, Phil Wagler (Not Pictured)

Andy Yoder, Dave Waver, Urie Hershberger, Denny Hofstetter, Rick Tullar, Phil Wagler (Not Pictured)

urie hershberger - senior pastor

Pastor Urie and Amanda Hershberger have four children and live in Canton, Ohio. Raised in an Old Order Amish family, Urie spent many years addicted to drugs, damaging his mind and devastating his marriage. At 26 years of age, he experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and was instantly set free, saw his marriage healed and mind restored. He has a passion to see people released from bondages, healed and empowered to be fulfilled and productive in every area of life. Urie loves to mentor leaders, remove walls of division, and see God’s Glory come to His people.

andy yoder - elder

Andy Yoder and wife, Mary, reside near Dalton, Ohio, and are the parents of four grown children and ten grandchildren.  Andy loves to expound on the Word of God, bringing depth to scriptures that are often taken at face value. With a true shepherd’s heart, Andy is passionate about helping people experience unity with God and find completeness in their calling as Christians through teaching, preaching, mentoring and encouraging.

Phil wagler - ELDER

Phil Wagler and his wife, Diane, are the essence of patriarch and matriarch. 

Dave weaver - elder

Dave Weaver and his wife, Marcia, have five children and live just outside of Apple Creek, Ohio.  Dave grew up Amish in Holmes County, then left home at age 16.  He lived a life of rebellion for over ten years until he accepted Jesus and was freed from drugs and alcohol. He has moved back to his home area where he pursues his evangelistic purpose and passion:  sharing his testimony with others everywhere he goes, encouraging those who are lost and hurting to come to know the Lord.  Dave is always helping people find Christ and get free, so they can grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

denny Hofstetter - elder

Denny Hofstetter is a lifelong resident of Kidron, Ohio.  His passion:  “To Love the Lord God with all his heart, soul, mind and strength and love his neighbor as himself”, which he walks out daily.  A man of mercy with a servant’s heart, Denny faithfully prays for others, cares for those in need, and is quick to give words of encouragement or share a timely verse with others from the Word of God.  He readily offers his gifts of helps and hospitality in building the Kingdom of God.

rick tullar - elder

Rick Tullar from Strasburg, Ohio, and his wife, Jolene, have raised two daughters and are enjoying grandparenting as well.  Rick’s number one passion is seeking the presence of the Lord.  With a true father’s heart, he enjoys developing ministers of music, working with both amateurs and well-seasoned musical talent.  Rick trains musicians to work together as a team as they pursue their vocal and instrumental talents as well as their relationship with the Lord.